1. Christchurch to Franz Josef


So we flew from Perth to Auckland on Friday 7th April at around 7PM. The flight on Air New Zealand was fantastic. Great service, great comfort, entertainment and friends 🙂 We were in Premium Economy which made a fair bit of difference. Thankfully the cold I caught a few days before was already on its way out so my ears didn’t act up as much as I first expected.

We got to Auckland and wasted a bit of time with people pushing in front of us and then getting told we were too late for our baggage transfer, so we had to walk them all the way to the domestic terminal in which I struggled. Stupidly I hadn’t worn a belt, had a hiking bag (no wheels) and was unfit as hell. We made it with plenty of time to spare.

The domestic flight was nice, and quick.

When we got to Christchurch, we made a quick call and went to get our Toyota Highlander from Go Rentals which we had already pre-booked. The was a decent size, easy to drive and very comfortable.

Andrew drove and we had heaps of time before check-in to our motel for the night, so we went for a semi aimless drive. The only real point was for some food and sim cards for Andrew and I.

We successfully found a small shopping centre, strolled around, found sim cards, lunch and grabbed some basic food like fruit, cereal, snacks and body wash.

We got to check-in early and the lady was knowledgable about things to do and places to go, so we listened and grabbed some brochures. Nick went to sleep and Andrew and I decided to go find the biggest shopping centre in the South Island according to the lady. We found it after a bit of an aimless tour haha. It was a Westfield with the likes of Dick Smith, K-Mart, Foot Locker, Gloria Jeans, Hoyts and lots more recognisable stores we know from Perth.

Anyway, Andrew and I exchanged some money at ASB (Commonwealth bank equivalent). The lady at out motel recommended banks to exchange as they don’t charge a fee. We also got a coffee that we waited what felt like 1/2 hour for. It was alright I suppose haha. We then walked around Dick Smith and then went back to the apartment.

Later at night Andrew and I went back out and bought pizza for dinner. It was rather yummy 🙂

So motel rooms looked dingy from the outside but they were quite comfortable inside. Warm, decent facilities which we used in the morning and we were on our way.

Nick drove us all the way to Franz Josef. We stopped off at Hokitika. I kept getting tongue twisted and to make it easier to say, Andrew decided to name it Hot Titicaca. I just Googled that and found out Titicaca is actually a place in the Andes between Peru and Bolivia.

We had some pretty average fish and chips. After getting some coffee, we were back on the road. This was the first part we experienced a bit of light rain and my ankle randomly gave way. I say randomly because I wasn’t having any issues with it and suddenly it starting clicking and giving me grief.

The drive was quite interesting; mainly the way the pine trees have been cut, some cows and sheep as well as the really winding mountain roads with frost. Anyway, we made it to Franz Josef and stopped to look at where our apartment was. We were literally in direct view of it, haha, less than 50m up and to our right.

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