2. Franz Josef

We got settled pretty quickly once we got told which apartment was actually ours (wrong one at first). I must say that from here, the days get a little hazy as to what happened when as I am writing this blog since coming back home to Perth.

We walked around a found a small supermarket which had the basics we needed, mainly things like breakfast foods and snacks).

The food we ate at the pubs were pretty good, really good actually. Nick had his much needed roast, Andrew had lamb shanks and I had fish and chips? The different beers I tried here were quite tasty, given the weather was cold, I opted for the darker beers.

We stayed for two days. The unlimited wifi allowed for downloading software to test my panorama abilities just outside our front door. The weather here changed so quickly. Clear, then rain, and very cloudy in no time. This didn’t make for a fun time in regards to our booked heli hike.

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