10. Skydiving NZOne Queenstown

Andrew and I booked Skydiving in Queenstown with NZOne hoping the weather would remain as forecast. As you can see in the videos, it did, and boy was it an adventure!

We met in town at their office, filled out paperwork, listened and watched for instructions and safety.

A small bus drove us to the site which wasn’t too far away.

We were split up into teams, waited, got dressed into gear and then jumped on the plane. The actual experience was a bit different to that as one of the instructors had to leave, which meant Andrew and I were in different groups unexpectedly.

The flight was so smooth to take off and fast to reach the height (12, 000, then 15, 000 feet). On my run, we had to circle for 5 minutes while waiting for a commercial jet to fly past.

The actual jump was so quick, and unexpectedly relaxing and smooth (I thought we would tumble, and I would get a stomach churning experience, but it was nothing like that). The view, as you can see was incredible.

The only side-effect, or down-side to skydiving I had was motion sickness as we got closer to the ground and started circling to slow down. The motion sickness┬álasted about 10 minutes and I was good as gold again, I didn’t vomit.

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